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Chat with gay men from Massachusetts in our free gay chat rooms. It is easy to start chatting with other studs from Massachusetts. Click the "Enter Chat Rooms" button to create a free gay chat profile and start chatting now. Not from Massachusetts? All chat profiles are easily searchable no matter where you are. With 87 chatting in the gay chat rooms and 730 gay men online you are sure to find a hot guy to chat with. Join us in the free gay Massachusetts chat rooms and start connecting.

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Gay Chatters in Massachusetts

mbos15's Chat & Dating Profile
Boston, Massachusetts, US
play hockey , soccer and softball. 5-10 150 lbs, sex
hunglatino's Chat & Dating Profile
Framingham, Massachusetts, US
// openmindedlatin. nudist. ignore pic-less profiles. not into phone except certain topic. not into roleplay. here for real & open connections.
CAUGHT's Chat & Dating Profile
Boston, Massachusetts, US
.CYBER ONLY: Sub bttm into cyber roleplay. Love first time scenes where we start as equals but you sense my sub vibe and slowly bring me down. I'm clueless about my sub side until you show me. Starts by asking for a little favor (hand job or massage perhaps), then a bit more, a bit more. Until there's no turning back and I'm yours. Imaginative roleplay bottom. Love first time scenes like the ones in my profile: One of my favorite setups: I'm just starting to come out and have discovered the local porn shop gloryholes. Been going more than i care to admit; and getting good at giving blowjobs in the booths. I give you an awesome blowjob one day and you have to see who gave it to you. You're startled at first when you see me walk out. I'm your frat bros/co-worker/neighbor. A buddy of your tells you he won a bet from a guy. The dude (me) owes him blowjobs for three guys who text him with the request (demand?) and the secret word. Your bud plays on my local soccer team and caught me blowing a guy from the other team long after the game ended and I thought it was safe in the locker room. He thinks it oh so funny that he gets to offer you guys blowjobs at my expense. You text and come over for your freebie. i don't even know your name. You also now know i live close by, you have my number and know i suck cock. I was probably the 10th or 12th time I'd swallowed your load since we became roommates. I was happy to kneel for you when you asked after that first awkward time. I was kneeling, relishing your low moan as you drained your balls into my mouth tonight. But it ended differently tonight starting with 'that look' you were giving me. Half glare; half grin. The pit of my stomach tightened as you held up two collars, one chain - easy to hide, and the other leather - not easy to hide; both with locks not buckles. "Which one do you want?" you ask. And then, "If you want to earn it - then you will offer to suck a couple of my buds dry when they come by in a little while". I could tell from your face that you were very serious. And I could tell from my cock that i was very interested. Taking a break from my hike in a state park. Leaning against a tree resting. You walk off the trail to take a piss quite close to me. I'm watching, not thinking much about it until you ask,"what's so fascinating? my cock or my piss?". turning toward me and splashing me with a little as you laugh. Been blowing your twin brother after school for a few months now at your house. He's really nice; you're the evil twin. One day I get a text pic from you, of me going down on him. Don't know when you took it. I freeze when I see it, holding my breath waiting for your next text message. I see you in the gym in our large apartment building pretty regularly. After the hundredth time I cruise you, you walk by and quietly say, "whenever you're ready" and rub your bulge. Whenever we're in the gym from then on, you silently mouth those words and rub your bulge. Sometimes I ignore you, sometimes smile, but you're wearing away my resistance little by little. This afternoon, I knock on your apartment door. You live with your dad in my apartment building. You've seen my queer mags and a porn catalog. You come knocking one day seemingly to ask for advice. Your cock is quite big for your age and our conversation leads me to my knees because of your curiosity. Your youthful alpha takes over and I become your pre and post-school day relief stop. We're newish roommates. You find a sneaky pic of you naked and boned on my nightstand. You leave a cup of your cum and a note instructing me to report to your bedroom at 9pm for a fresh batch that night. We're college roommates; early on. You have me do little things for you. skip a class to accept a delivery. run out for coffee, condoms when you brought someone home, little things. One night we get stoned and you get into this deep conversation about being good to others, doing things for them. how it makes you feel good about yourself. And then press me. how i feel when i do things for you. Soon enough I'm on my knees with your superior cock in my mouth. We're pissing in the woods on a hike with friends when you turn and ask me how long I've fantasized about blowing you. My stream of piss slows as my cock gets hard. You stare me down and say "thought so" and "you know you owe me a blowjob for every time you jerked off thinking of servicing me. What you say you get working on that debt". The Alpha and new bitch are both rock hard there in the woods. You're my younger sister's ex-boyfriend, getting out of prison for robbery. You're an okay guy, and i know that. I agree to pick you up. You're more ripped and tatt'd than when I last saw you. You've learned other things inside too. When I ask where you're staying, I find out you're planning on staying with me. And that's just the beginning. I'm a friend of your roommates. Crashed on your couch tonight. The bitch you brought home isn't putting out and has just stormed out. You're in the living room, horny, hard when you see me on the sofa again. Pissing next to you during a quick pit-stop at the truckstop. I glance over and do a double take at your rather thick cock. I'm startled when a wad of your spit lands on my check. I look over and see you staring me down. I can't help but shiver when you bark "If you want to suck me off, get on your knees and beg properly". You grin as my cock goes hard and my face goes white. You're much younger and I'm flattered when you start flirting with me in the hotel bar after a convention. You sense my deeply hidden sub side and take me upstairs for some fun. After you've had your fun, you put me on Craigslist and host a line of guys who want to dom me in your room while you watch/direct. Blew you at a bachelor party ten years ago; was quite drunk but quite talented. Avoided you at the wedding. Don't even know your name. Groom has invited us to a camping trip. I'm startled to see you for the first time since the wedding weekend ten years ago. My foot fetish one: I'm 16 and get my first job at a shoe store. Always been fascinated with shoes and feet. I discover i really like jock feet and construction type guys; their boots and soiled socks make my cock stir. You're buying new boots and take you time when you notice I'm flustered. You tease me with your feet and then start tracing your hard cock in your jeans. You follow me into the men's room at a nightclub, we're the only two in it currently, You lock the door and stand behind me at the urinals, crowding me a bit so you can whisper in my ear "I've been watching who you watch and, even though you came here with a woman, I know you are a faggot". You work there full time so you have access to the locked basement. We live in the same apartment building and see each other regularly. i get goosebumps when i see you; fear and intrigue keeps me from chatting. I always seem to avert my eyes. I go to do laundry one night and you've got the hunky doorman on his knees. I bolt but not before you see me. I'm in the elevator with you a few evenings later, heading home after work.
frank2691's Chat & Dating Profile
Boston, Massachusetts, US
hot furry muscle bottom for hot phone
bibostonguy's Chat & Dating Profile
Boston, Massachusetts, US
bi married guy looking for guys (married or single) for chat and friendship. Bi is a plus, but not necessary. Prefer masculine guys. Friendly and always ready to chat about anything, sexual or not.
cthuskycub's Chat & Dating Profile
Massachusetts, US
pig guy lookin for piggy chats. vers in most pigplay If we have friends in common, feel free to say hi, we'd probably get along I don't require a pic for chat. It's a fantasy chat, right? you're going to look like what I want you to look like. the sn is from, hoping some of my former chat buds made it here. Not so husky anymore, more muscular- 5-6, 150, hairy if you're interested, message me. like a good chat, but roleplay really isn't my forte
makingit08's Chat & Dating Profile
Boston, Massachusetts, US
Looking for nice guys to chat with.
ngarymass's Chat & Dating Profile
Lexington, Massachusetts, US
68 year old GWM looking for a younger guy for friendship, dating, possible relationship; gray hair, brown eyes, hairy body.
cyborgvape's Chat & Dating Profile
Boston, Massachusetts, US
top, hypno, feet, weed, tats, big dicks, muscle, wrestling, cyborgs, sci-fi, body mod, music, house, hip hop, art, hmu.
mario1's Chat & Dating Profile
Boston, Massachusetts, US
open minded, horny & ready
skymikehutch's Chat & Dating Profile
Cambridge, Massachusetts, US
Young masculine man finding my way.
SpunkJohn's Chat & Dating Profile
Boston, Massachusetts, US
Bi guy, looking to chat. Maybe more!
outsidethebox's Chat & Dating Profile
Boston, Massachusetts, US
Just kinda checking things out
tober's Chat & Dating Profile
Mashpee, Massachusetts, US
I am a gay man living in Cape Cod. I am single and would like to meet younger men.I am into leather, t-shirt and jeans and like to bareback as a bottom.
eddierp19's Chat & Dating Profile
Boston, Massachusetts, US
black male who loves to roleplay any hot scene.
ptrck's Chat & Dating Profile
Massachusetts, US
Checking this out.
EricCub's Chat & Dating Profile
Arlington, Massachusetts, US
Looking for huge hulking hunks o' muscle ... and other things, I have a wide range of tastes! Like dominant, aggressive men. I need to obey. If you don't have a clear face picture (with no sunglasses), you're not likely to get a response
Suxual's Chat & Dating Profile
Quincy, Massachusetts, US
5'10" White Male looking for anyone that is not a nut case to possibly hook up with. Love to suck.

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